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They say that all good things must come to an end. What they fail to tell you is that the same laws apply to the mediocre. This brings me to the announcement that the "Ask JP Garwood" forum of this site will be closing down as of the first moment of 2016. There will be no bands, no famous guests, no fanfare of any kind, as you wouldn't be able to see it, ad I wouldn't be able to afford it.

It has been a much longer run than originally expected. When we started this endeavor it was predicted that it would last six months. I gave myself until just after lunch of the third day. Both myself and whomever made the six month prediction had no way to know that it would last fourteen years.

I thank the two, perhaps three, askers that stuck around for the whole ride. That was nice of you. To those that popped in and out on occasion, you could have done a better job. To those that never visited, screw off and stop reading this immediately.

I have enjoyed my time making all of you more enlightened people of Earth, except for those times that it was a pain in the ass. I wouldn't have changed a thing, other than the not getting any sort of fame and fortune.

Go forth now all of you, except the dicks who never asked a question, and do your part to enlighten the world. It honestly takes very little effort for those of you who were worried about that. I will still be here on this site to support you, but my time to answer your questions has come to an end.

Thank you to One Fly Mutha, Roscoe, Comb Bernardo, Utah Beginnings, and the exceptional wonder woman. Also a large thank you to Steve Leonard, the internet guru and king of the American highway. Oh, and Len.

Thank You,


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